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CMDA is minority resource business organiation made up of existing FCA dealers. Existing FCA members can choose to join by visiting CMDA online at

The story of the Chrysler Minority Dealers Association (“CMDA”) is a story about teamwork. In 1951, Rufus Dukes was the first African American person to be given and equity position in a Chrysler Franchise as a Chicago sub – dealer for Parts and Service. In 1963, Ed Davis was the first African American person to be award a Chrysler (Plymouth) franchise. There was only one minority owned Chrysler dealership in the United States in 1968 and thus, the Chrysler Corporation established the first informal minority dealer training program in 1968 in an effort to meet the specific needs and ensure the success of minority-owned dealers, (including Chrysler/Plymouth, Dodge and Jeep/Eagle).

At a May 31, 1980 meeting of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers, (“NAMAD”) there were six African-American Chrysler dealers in attendance and they concluded there was a need to establish their own organization to represent themselves on issues unique to Chrysler. Although their numbers in comparison to both Ford and GM were small, they believed it important to have their own 'voice' and thus, the Chrysler Black Dealer Association was established. Jesse J. Jones of Detroit, Michigan was the founder of the organization.

In 1986, the Chrysler Minority Dealers Association, Inc. a national trade association representing ethnic minority owners of Fiat Chrysler Automobile dealerships was founded. CMDA addresses the specific needs of minority dealers and those aspiring to become dealers. CMDA represents owners who strive not only to strengthen and enhance their businesses and operations, but to also give back to their communities.


In an effort to increase the value proposition for current and prospective members, benefits have been modified as follows:

Training Support - ($10,000)

CMDA members may receive up to an annual $10,000 direct reimbursement for training and operational support activities, which includes 20 group activities and now FCA PI training expenses. (Increased from $5,000 ceiling and 50% match protocol and now includes 20 group training expenses)

CMDA Member Meeting Participation – ($7,000)

CMDA members receive an annual reimbursement of up to $3,500 reimbursement for travel, lodging and meeting expenses for both the CMDA Annual Meeting and Summer Meeting. A total possible annual reimbursement of $7,000.

NADA Operational Improvement Support – ($5,000)

CMDA members will be able to receive up to an annual $5,000 direct reimbursement for utilizing the onsite NADA Dealership Operational Improvement and Support Initiative to improve profitability and overall operational and financial processes. To be initiated in August, 2019.

NAMAD Membership Dues Payment – ($550)

CMDA members automatically receive membership in the National Association for Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD). The CMDA pays annual $550 membership dues for each CMDA Member each year.

NADA Annual Convention Registration Reimbursement – ($375 - $475)

CMDA members receive reimbursement for membership in the National Association for Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD). The CMDA pays annual membership dues for each CMDA Member.

Preferred Pricing – CMDA Membership

CMDA members receive financial and operational benefits and preferred pricing from many of our sponsors as a direct result of their CMDA and NAMAD memberships and relationships gained through CMDA and NAMAD activities.

CMDA Dealers Chart Customer First Award for Excellence 2019 - CMDA Dealers

To contact CMDA Call (248) 687-1088 or Email the Executive Director, Mitch Mitchell: